Beauty pie review

About the beautypie:

It’s been almost four years since Beauty Pie launched into the UK. I remember sitting down to thoroughly put the range through its paces, prepared to present the pros and cons like nobody had seemed to do before me; the reception up to that point had been overwhelmingly positive, even though the concept was complex and some of the initial products weren’t necessarily up to much. The promises were large, the comparisons with premium favourites hyped and the ‘savings’ were quite possibly inflated to make the benefits appear more irresistible – but that didn’t mean beauty pie weren’t onto something.

Their main point of difference was that they’ve ‘cut out the middle man’ and minimised packaging expense, creating high quality cosmetics at prices that the high street simply couldn’t compete with; Beauty Pie wanted to make beauty more accessible, turning the traditional models on their head while building a legion of loyal fans who were happy to pay their monthly membership. It sounded good in theory, but back in 2016 I had more than a few reservations, but all my skincare fan friends loved this and signed up instantly although I didn’t want to waste my money on an allowance each month as it just encouraged me to spend more money instead of save it.

Japanfusion cleanser:

This maybe a contradictory view but I did not like this cleanser I felt like it left a film over my skin and left it feeling more greasy them beforehand and bobbled when using it but generally wasn’t a great experience to me personally. I hear that loads of people love this clan so that’s why I wanted to try it out and I love the packaging it’s simplistic, sleek, elegant and sophisticated while being university liked. I think the packaging was perfect and so is the marketing of this product across social media it has a very big following loves this line and this cleanser but I personally fall into the category of people who do not enjoy this cleanser I just don’t think it works my skin type for me personally. I also felt that this did not give a good enough cleanse for my SPF or make up to be removed. I will definitely never be purchasing this again and I won’t be recommending this to anyone else as it did not work and for the price point it should be perfect. I would rate 2/10.

Healthy daily moisturiser:

I personally think this moisturiser although being good and last of me about three monthsisn’t a special moisturiser I feel like this was a basic moisturiser and did the job well, I would not go out to seek this moisturiser but if it fell into my hand or was on a really good deal I would pick it up. I have heard so much good things about this for a storing moisture barriers and returning damaged skin back to being healthy I just don’t think it really made a difference on my skin I don’t know if this is because my skin wasn’t damaged enough or it just didn’t work well with my skin.

This moisturiser is marketed for all skin types and has very monochromatic packaging so it can offer a very wide appeal in marketing packaging although I personally like a little bit more colour to my product because it makes me feel happier when using them and a little less clinical. I would rate this product a solid 5.5/ 10.

Sunscreen :

On the contrary to the other products I completely support the hype of this SPF not only has active ingredients but it’s very lightweight and thin and it’s great for oily skin like mine. Are use this up after using it for two months are used it every day and it was great although it doesn’t last as long as I thought it would because if you factor in reapplication SPF does not last very long. I definitely would we purchased this again but only if it was on sale or it had the beauty pie subscription offer because buying at face value one time without the offer is very expensive for what it is especially when a Korean SPF like the Biore Aqua gel can do something to the same extent. I would rave about this product and I definitely recommend trying out and I would repurchase as I love this but the price is a little steep for my current situation. I would rate this 10/10.


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