Christmas gift guide

Christmas is that time of year when you huddle up with you family and just enjoy the time you have with them. Especially now we are in lockdown it is more important to show how much you care about your family and support smaller brands in this pandemic.

So cuddle up under a blanket on the sofa tell the people you love how much you care and enjoy the love and ones that care for you. Let them know you care and appreciate them.

Nereus Madagascan pink pepper body wash: £16.25

This metal eco friendly shower gel is perfect for not only male friends but also great for family members who are conscious of what they put on there body and the ingredients used in there products. As well as you can keep using this bottle and refilling it up, the scent is Madagascan pink pepper which is very musky and has a very masculine scent which is very comforting. I would definitely give this to my brother or a boyfriend, check out this product on there website at:

Madagascan Pink Pepper Body Wash

Missguided babe gift set:

This is such a great gift set from anyone especially women between the ages 14-38 as it is a fruity energetic scent which is very distinct but also mature. This is the signature scent of missguided before the expansion into body mists and other perfume scents. The clean crisp packaging is very nice and simple which appeals to most people so it is a good gift to get for a general gift. You can find this on the missguided website.

Missguided travel perfumes: (babe power & chill babe)

As mentioned when talking about the missguided gift set these are great signature missguided scents and the travel sizes are good stocking fillers or for someone who travels a lot as they are almost impossible to break and easy to use on the go. Not only are they great they are also very cute, but can also last very long as you only need a pump or two to smell good as the body mist has lasted me a year and I am not even half way through it. I personally love the chill babe scent it’s perfect for a rebel chick or to make you u feel edgy.

T-zone peel off facial mask sachets:

These are very cost effective stocking fillers they cost between £2-£3 and are very easy to find in many shops for example savers, boots and superdrug. You can get a multitude of types of these from holographic to glitter and plain colours too. These are single use but if you know the ones someone likes you can get a bottle and save on packaging. These are also great for someone just getting into skincare to test out what they like and don’t.

Overall, these presents are great for any age even men as the shower gel is a perfect gift and the facemasks I’m good for anyone. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year.


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