About me

Hello beauty’s,

I’m Bethany or miss bunny as my followers like to call me.
I am not a professional or an expert in skincare or beauty, but I have a passion for beauty care so I will try my hardest to convey my thoughts and process to you guys.
I adore pretty, shiny, pink and cute things from socks to product packaging in my life. I originally started this blog to list all the products I use, which worked for me and what not to try again, due to having sensitive skin this was very helpful. But I love followers feedback and ideas and will always aim to try my hardest to help everyone. I love all things skincare, bath essentials and makeup and I am so excited to share my thoughts and feeling on a product with all my amazing friends.
So some personal information on me ….. currently I am a student in the second year of university whoop! whoop! Studying animal science while I also volunteer at a farm on my Sundays.
I love fashion and unique clothes. I am a massive dog lover and my dog is a border collie who loves long walks and socialising, and to ensure I never have spare time to be lazy I do enjoy exercising and the GYM when I have time as it leaves me feeling refreshed afterwards and ready to start the day.
This is my little website world of all of the cute, stylish and adorable things I love, so I hope you love my blog as much as I love you guys.