Schmoo skincare honey and oatmeal cleanser and moisturiser

About the brand:

Schmoo Was co-founded over 13 years ago and is established in the skincare industry as a spa natural product. This brand was created by Fiona and Matt Otley, And have many partnerships with hotel groups and spas across the UK providing many treatments with tailored natural skincare. This skincare brand runs specific fruity lines which cater to individual benefits. Better yet schmoo are animal testing free natural skincare which are environmentally friendly and all ingredients are used 95% organic while being free from sulphate lanolin microbeads and parabens.

Having skincare lines catering to dehydration, oily, pregnant and congested skin is very wide in terms of treatments with many soothing ingredients like honey, oatmeal, grapefruit, peach, lavender and vanilla. Each product comes in a reusable jar with recyclable packaging so the product containers can be reused for other purposes after use.

Link to the website to check out there products for yourself:



First and foremost the packaging on this moisturiser i have to say is great, i love reusable packaging especially glass pots with metal lids as i love decanting larger moisturisers into them after i have used them. I love being reliable and minimising the packaging i throw away when doing skincare. The theme for the honey and oatmeal range is simplistic and beautiful honestly. the ingredients in this moisturiser are good for the skin without many filler ingredients which is hard to come by in skincare nowadays as they are a cheap alternative to active ingredients that can be put in products. Are use this moisturiser for three months straight and I feel like this did hydrate my skin very well and it helped smoothing out my skin during the day making it easier to apply sunscreen and other products on top. Instead of having a greasy film over my skin like most moisturisers especially heavier ones which I thought this moisturiser was as it felt heavy it did not do this to my skin and left a light glow on my skin but it wasn’t leaving a greasy film. I would definitely say this product is for dry to normal skin I would not recommend this if you have oily skin as this could be too heavy and hydrating for your skin but you could selectively use this if you have combination skin. I would definitely recommend this as I’ve nearly finished the whole container and I usually don’t finish off products because I have too many that they end up going out of date before I can finish them. I would definitely rate this product a solid 7.5/10.


This is the cream cleanser that they offer from the honey and oatmeal range that I tried out with the matching moisturiser which I believe is a great pairing if you want to start at a basic level with this skincare brand as this range suits a large variety of skin types. I felt this cream cleanser wasn’t thick which I personally really like as I usually don’t enjoy thick cream cleansers as I feel like this blocks my pores and can leave a thin layer of oil on the skin which is uncomfortable to have during the day or when you’re sleeping.

This is not a cream to foam cleanser this is a straight up and down normal Cream to milk cleanser meaning this will not form up and it will not give a squeakyclean feel to the skin if that is what you are going for, although this is really bad for your skin to have it very very dry. This contains a hydrate while it is cleansing your skin and can be used as a first cleanser to cleanse off make up and daily debris although this doesn’t work too well with SPF, but this can also be used as a second cleanse to suit your skin if you have use an abrasive first cleanser.

I think the texture of this product is really nice and overall it lasted very well a little bit of this product goes a very long way and I think I really did like the scent of this usually natural product or a hit or miss for me personally as the scent can be overwhelming where is this was a very light natural sent which didn’t overpower the product overall. I would definitely recommend trying this product out if you are asking for this as a present if you are waiting for Black Friday sales or if you have sensitive skin.

I would definitely write this product a solid 8 out of 10 and I would re-purchase this product if I run out of all the cleansers as I currently have.

If you have any products you would like me to try out or would like to chat, please leave a comment below, comment on my posts on Instagram or email me i would love to connect with you all!

Miss Bunny xx

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