Missguided babe power gift set (valentines gift)

About the brand:

This brand was first established in 2009, and is primarily a UK based clothing brand but also has perfume and body mists for sale also. The sole owner of the company nitin passi Who has owned this brand for 11 years.

The scent:

This is a very subtle but musky and feminine scent. With accents of marshmallow vanilla sandalwood and it gives a very sophisticated aroma for someone who is going into business and is in the twenties to 30s.

My thoughts:

I personally thought the appearance of this perfume is very unique and innovative and captures the heart of what misguided stand for and is very talkative towards younger audience. It looks amazing on my shelf and I do like percent but I feel if you use more than one spray it is too much it can overwhelm some people if you are very sensitive to stronger scents.

I believe the scent works with a lot of peoples body chemistry and is very appealing I personally love the packaging and the product I would definitely recommend this to other people as his perfume or last very very long time and it’s very sturdy and hard to break whereas other perfume are glass it’s a lot easier to break them.

Overall :

I do really like this gift set as it is very cute especially directed for the prime audience which is 16 to 35-year-olds. This is great for a shorthand gift for someone within this age range. I would definitely rate 8 out of 10, but my friends would say 1 million out of ten as this is sent is very popular with a lot of my friends.

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