Skincare routine from live in the light

About the brand:

Live in the light only sells natural organic and chemical free skincare body care and hair care well also doubling in cosmetics. They ship to the UK Europe and a few other countries. They have a wide selection of products with free shipping and blog posts on how to use each product effectively.

Raspberry cream cleanser:

The packaging for this is simple and sleek wall the pump I did have some trouble with as it kept locking but the cleanser itself smells like raspberries and it’s great it makes me feel awake plus although it looks like a cream cleanser it feels more like a gentle gel cleanser. This bottle lasts 12 months after opening and is 240 mils which is a good size for a cleanser as it’s not too much and it’s not too little. This is made in Canada and is formulated for all skin types with minimal ingredients to reduce allergies. I enjoyed this the most of all these products and I would personally purchase this cleanser as it’s great on my skin and it never irritated my skin while I used this cleanser. 9/10

Vitamin C sheet mask:

First of all let me just say the packaging is very simplistic and I love the autumn mustard yellow colour of the packet. This is a single your shit mask with vitamin see to help brighten and revitalise the skin, This product has all natural ingredients of no alcohol or fragrance it lasts in storage for up to 2 years and only takes 20 to 30 minutes to use. This is used for all skin types and it’s a very thin mask so you can do cleaning and household chores while this is on your face and it will not slide down which some facemasks do usually gel where is this is a fabric sheet mask. This doesn’t have a specific sent and the packaging is very small and autumnal feeling to it. I did like this but unfortunately after using at one time I cannot state if it had long-term benefits but my face did feel smoother the next day. 7/10

Mango and tea mellow moisturiser:

This moisturiser is a light weight soft feeling cream which is aimed for all skin types, but I would reccomend for oily to normal skin types as it’s not thick or moisturising enough for dry skin. But it does give a layer of hydration which would be best for oily skin types. I love that this is in a pump bottle meaning that the cream has not been touched before which is great for hyper allergenic skin and will minimise acne and exposure to bacteria. I would definitely recommend this moisturiser it does have a fragrant but if you’re okay with this then this is a great product for you. 6/10

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