Summer skincare essentials

It is important that when in the summer to stay hydrated and ensure you have SPF on at all times and tried to stay in the shade but here are some of the skincare essentials that I find is very helpful in the summer time.


Having a hydrating and refreshing facial Cleanser is a must for me, especially hydration products are perfect especially in the summer as you sweat a lot. Hydration is one of my personal main aims as well as anti blemish. This is great for both of these things and if you are an avid follower you will see I have used a full size of this which will be in this years empties post. This has cleansing extracts as well as aloe Vera for soothing the skin. Aloe is great to use in summer, personally I travel a lot in summer but due to the pandemic this isn’t happening at the moment but this is great for usual summers.

Self Tanner:

Self Tanner especially is great in the summer to enhance a natural tan but do ensure to wear SPF as it is very important in the summer to not further damage to your skin while you are using products. The simple packaging is great and looks appealing on the side but it also will last a long time. I personally love this brand as they are reliable and very close to my heart.

Rawganics wipes:

Overall, everyone loves wipes if it’s for cleansing your face, hands or taking off dirt or sand when you are out in the summer these come in very handy, especially as they are biodegradable, eco friendly and against animal cruelty. These are very handy to have in your bag, and they are easily disposed of as well as very refreshing as I have used them on my face before. I personally prefer the green but the red is also very good and they are lightly scented, perfect for sensitive skin.

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