Liquid health LQ skin hair and nails supplements

About the brand:

liquid health is a supplement brand that is well known for these skin, hair and nails supplement but also sell a variety of other supplements too on there website. Liquid health was started in 2013 by Nutraformis limited and has expanded and taken the UK’s supplement game by storm.

Appearance and texture:

The packaging of this product is simplistic and cohesive with a lovely purple pattern that is mimicked onto the individual daily doses, there are 10 dosages in a pack so you can have enough for two weeks from one box. The supplement itself is a slightly thicker liquid which as a yellow green-ish tint to the supplement but looks very different.


I personally didn’t like the taste of these liquid supplements as they had a very strong scent and also had a very strong taste which I personally found tasted foul but this is personal preference and others may like the taste as my cousin did.

Application and results:

This product was easily taken and portioned out into daily doses for you, and it was liquid which is a plus for me. The liquid is a brown almost apple Juice look to the liquid supplement. When using this product it was easily taken and only takes a few seconds and is a great benefit to your system to help reduce wrinkles and help skins elasticity. I didn’t see much of a difference but I felt a little better and was nice to get into the routine of taking them as I’m getting more healthy.

Reccomendation and rating:

I personally wouldn’t purchase again due to the taste for the effects but I would urge you to try to see what works for you. I would rate this product 4/10.

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