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The breath Co healthy gums oral rinse

About the brand:

The breath company was founded in recent years founded with the intention of providing oral care with pure natural ingredients that not only work better but are safer for yourself and children. The Breath Company fresh breath formula is recognized by dentists and clinicians as the most effective long term solution for the prevention of bad breath available without a prescription. Many people use The Breath Company products regularly for problems related to bad breath, dry mouth, and gum health. The Breath Company products are available in most Boots stores within the United Kingdom.

Appearance and texture:

The packaging of this product, has some unique colours in its visual pallet with a lot of bright colours like orange and green but is goes well together in my eyes maybe a lot with the bright colours but it helps to stand out. the appearance is simple bold text which informs you on the product.

Application and results:

When using this mouthwash it was easily used and different feel different to other mouthwashes with a translucent appearance a strong mint flavour that lasts for hours after use but this product put my mind to ease knowing it was all natural and it wasn’t full of chemicals especially as I get my family and little brother who’s 12 to use it to and he loved it, while I felt confident the ingredients in the mouthwash wasn’t harming him. After using this product for a month or so I grew to like it, I’m not really a mouthwash girl as it is always really strong but I did grow to like this as it is really nice and helped to reduce  build up.

Reccomendation and rating:

I would recommend if you are looking for a good natural mouthwash to try this brand and product line out as they are really good. I would rate this mouth wash 7/10 but I am not a dentition so don’t hold this against me as this is just my honest opinion.

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