Grethers pastilles for sore throats

Grethers pastilles are a brand started in 1850 and there aims are to relive soar throats  with an assortment of flavours from blackcurrant, redcurrant and elderflower.

The metal box that houses these pastilles is beautifully designed with intricate details on the cover but also looks very vintage and classy. The pastilles themselves are a lovely black purple colour and look like little jelly sweets, very delicious, I loved these but I don’t particularly like flavoured teas or tablets to help if  my throat  is soar as I have a weak immune system so I do get ill a lot so they came in very handy when I used them.

These are a great product even loved by the pop idol Arianna Grande which loves to suck not chew on them as they are great for your throat and taste amazing, and back to my thoughts of this product, the blackcurrant ones I was sent to review (but this is my own thought and opinions and isn’t bias) taste amazing I do prefer these as I don’t like the taste of other products as good as these, I have had one medium packet for about a couple weeks maybe a month or two and I have nearly finished the whole packet they are amazing and stick to very natural ingredients which is amazing news as I am currently moving towards more natural products.

I would recommend these pastilles to anyone who gets ill but also doesn’t like medications as they work very well and taste great I would rate this product a good 9/10 and I would purchase these in future.

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