Beauty and the bear hair skin and nails gummy supplements

About the brand:

Beauty and the bear is a cruelty free hair, skin and nails supplement. there is no gluten, no soy, no lactose, no gelatine, gut free, dairy free and they are cruelty free. They ship across the whole of Europe, the supplement contains biotin, zinc, B-complex, vitamins, folic acid and pantothenic acid. this is a newly created brand and started in 2018 engineered by dermatologists.

Appearance and taste:

I love the appearance of these gummy’s as they look so cute and they also taste amazing which was unexpected for vitamins and hair and skin supplements as they normally taste awful.

The gummy’s look like bears and they are pink, while also tasting like mixed berries. I personally think these are great as not only do they look nice and tasty but they also taste good which encouraged me to use them each day instead of not wanting to. the packaging is also really nie and to the point with nice and clean text.


I feel like I saw a little bit of a difference when using this product but not loads which is expected for not using them for many months. I used this for 4 – 5 weeks and I saw less breakages in my hair and my skin clear up a bit. I didn’t see major differences and it didn’t clear up my skin fully as I still had a few breakouts but I would recommend this as a product to maintain your skin and hair so you ill need to be eating and sleeping well too as this isn’t a magical cure.

Even though I have said its not a magical cure I do believe that this supplement is really good and I potentially would repurchase as it is really nice and I enjoy using them, which I wouldn’t thought I would say about a supplement.

Overall thought:

Overall I think that these gummy supplements are really good and would recommend to anyone who wants to try hair and skin supplements that work without costing a lot of money. I would rate this product 9/10.

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