Trine oils facial oil NO.1

About the brand:

The founder of trine oils, shanti soon-pandit who has been in the beauty industry for twenty years, doing freelance make up and beauty consultations for many company’s and also studied a diploma in cosmetic science where her interest became a passion and trine oils was created.

All the oils are plant and essential oil based with no synthetic additives with remedy’s passed down from there grandparents.

Shanti has suffered from sciatica for ten years and with the help of her pain relief oil no longer needs any other form of pain relief besides the oil everyday.

Appearance and texture:

The packaging is simplest with the glass bottle and a simple label on the product. The facial oil itself is a sheer yellow tinted oil that has a very viscous and glossy appearance to the facial oil.

Application and results:

This facial oil applied easily onto the face and absorbed nicely into the skin. leaving a glossy texture and loo to the skin I personally proffered this at night time as it was calming on my skin but as my own personal preference I don’t like having glossy skin during the day. But tis facial oil is a very nourishing oil especially when added into a moisturiser I thought it had the best results as the moisturiser would at as a carrier off the oil and help absorb I into the epidermis of the skin.

After using this facial oil for a few weeks I saw my face start to feel and look more hydrated and helped to reduce my lines a little bit as my skin stayed hydrated, I also love how this facial oil has only 2 -3 ingredients which is superb if you have sensitive or prefer clean minimal products, as this is a beautiful facial oil for those people.

Rating and recommendation:

I would recommend this facial oil to people who like natural vegan and minimal ingrediants in there skincare. I would rate this product 8/10.

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