Kiss fake lashes

About the brand:

Kiss is the worlds biggest manufacturer and distributor of high quality nail products. This brand started with high quality nails and as there products soared they expanded there products and there reach of where they are sold. Kiss also sells eyelashes, hair colouring, tools and care, while they now have a vast range of cosmetics such as lipsticks, blushes, pallets, lip balms, make up sponges, even brushes and eyeshadows.


These lashes are a thick and full jet black colouration to them. I would of thought that these are more of a night out pair of lashes, which is what I used them for. they really do amplify your lashes and make you look like you just got your lashes professionally done.

These lashes are best if you are going full glam for an event or even for a night out as they made your eyes stand out a lot. they where easily applied and easy to put on and take off without the commitment of permanent lashes. I thought that they lasted a long time about 4-5 use’s and I would recommend if you are going to an event but I personally wouldn’t use them on a daily basis.

I would recommend these lashes but only to be used rarely as they are not a daily basis lashes. I would rate these lashes 7/10.


These to me are more of a daily use type of lashes as they are more toned down and don’t seem too dramatic for daily meetings or university days. I do like these lashes and I like these more then the other pair as they can be used more regularly. these are a daily pair of lashes that are your lashes but better.

I like these more then the others as you can use these on a daily basis and they are easier as they are basic but also give you a personal flare to your day to day look. This gives a personalised feminine appearance to the rest to complete your look.

I would recommend these lashes as they are easily used and they are more reserved for lashes and you can use them on a daily basis without drawing attention to yourself. I would rate this product 9/10.

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