Petal and lead the fundamentals and carry case

About the brand:

The creator of petal and leaf oils is Lindsey, who is qualified as a Certified Aromatherapist and a Registered Nurse. All products from petal and leaf are 100% natural, toxic free and organic. They have a range of products from rollerball oils to relax, help PMS, revive and calm. They also sell perfume oils which are also organic and facial oils.

Midnight night time blend:

Out of all these rollerball essential oils this was my favourite, I personally find it hard to sleep and this calmed my mind and body down making it easier to fall asleep this may or may not work on others but it worked wonders on me.

The packaging on these products are Devine from the glowing blue glass packaging to the gold cap which makes the product look very classy. The wording on the packaging is easy to read and understand.

This product is a light weight translucent oil that applied nicely to the skin. The oil absorbs easily and thee scent lasts for hours when applied on the temples you can smell them which relaxed me before ii went to bed. I honestly believe that this night oil really did help me drift off to sleep.

I would recommend this oil for anyone who has trouble sleeping and need a little something to make it easier to goo to sleep. I would rate this 10/10.

Protection daily immunity blend:

This rollerball I personally didn’t see any results but it smelled amazing and was very calming. But seeing the results of immunity blends takes a lot longer and can be up to personal preference.

The packaging of this product is perfection the ombré of the glass on this product is beautiful with the gold accents and lid. I personally think the astetics of this product is super cute and uplifting especially after a long day at work.

When applying this product it was a light very absorbent oil that smells Devine and relaxing this has a calming effect. And I will definitely be using this product a lot.

I would reccomend this product as it is very nice and calming with added benifits to help immunity. I would rate this product overall a 8/10.

Revive uplifting blend:

This essential oil roller ball applied lovely to the skin and was great first thing in the morning before yoga or stretches it helps calm you but also give you energy for the day. I would recommend definitely for people who like to stretch or do yoga in the morning and like a slow peaceful morning.

When applying this roller ball it easily absorbed into my pulse points leaving a uplifting feeling and a calming feeling it is perfect for light exercise in the morning to help give you energised for the big day ahead the oil lasted about 2 hours on my personal pulse points but can last more or less on other people’s.

After using this on the weekends to calm down when I was having a slow wake up morning this was amazing and helped me feel calmer and energised especially for university that week.

I would recommend this product as it is a very easy product to use and helps to clear your mind and calm, it is also a great travel size and go well with people who love to do fitness for yoga. I would rate this product 9/10.

Travel pouch:

This is such a cute tropical pouch it’s making me crave summer! I personally love roller balls and have accumulated a lot this past year and this is so handy to use when I go away traveling it keeps them safe and secure but also looking super cute.

The material is high quality and durable which is double layered with a tropical leaf print. I adore this and think it is amazing it came in handy when going away to a friends and helped me bring these oils along.

I would rate this pouch 10/10 and would recommend fully to anyone who loves essential oils.

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