Petal and leaf essential oil perfume in sugar

About the brand:

The creator of petal and leaf oils is Lindsey, who is qualified as a Certified Aromatherapist and a Registered Nurse. All products from petal and leaf are 100% natural, toxic free and organic. They have a range of products from rollerball oils to relax, help PMS, revive and calm. They also sell perfume oils which are also organic and facial oils.

Appearance and texture:

The packaging of this product is unique and elegant with a very feminine nature but sophisticated appearance. I love the light glass appearance to this product, the lightness of the product is what draws me in. the perfume has a light yellow tint to the perfume, the texture is a light fine mist that applies easily the body and lasts a long time.

Application and results:

This perfume sprays evenly and nicely on the skin and on clothes, the scent was great It has a vanilla, floral and woody scent which is really comforting especially for this time of the year. I love warm scented smells that wrap you up its just very comforting, the scent also lasted over 6 hours and it is natural as it is a natural oil perfume so it is not putting any nasty products onto the skin or your clothes which is always great and an upside in my opinion as I am transferring into natural products. This product is a go to of mine lately and I have been recommending this to everyone as I have had so many complements on this scent when I wear it around work or university.

Reccomendation and rating:

I would recommend this product as it is a go to for me lately and it is such a good on the go scent and size. I would rate this product 10/10.

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