Trine oils anxiety relief

about the brand:

The founder of trine oils, shanti soon-pandit who has been in the beauty industry for twenty years, doing freelance make up and beauty consultations for many company’s and also studied a diploma in cosmetic science where her interest became a passion and trine oils was created.

All the oils are plant and essential oil based with no synthetic additives with remedy’s passed down from there grandparents.

Shanti has suffered from sciatica for ten years and with the help of her pain relief oil no longer needs any other form of pain relief besides the oil everyday.

Appearance and texture:

This product has an oil like texture to the product and smells very relaxing almost like ginger. This anxiety oil is an all natural remedy with ginger and cardamom. The oil has a pink almost wine looking tint to the oil but doesn’t leave it on your skin as it sinks in beautifully. The packaging is simple with a glass bottle and a plastic lid.

Application and results:

This product applied lovely and smoothly onto the skin, while absorbing into the skin easily, I personally liked to apply this oil to my pulse points such as my wrists and temples. I preferred to use this product before I go to bed as it would calm my stress and anxiety for all my university work before I went to sleep which helped to make me feel refreshed in the morning. Overall I think this product did help and I would recommend to anyone who wants to try a natural remedy for anxiety which is good for your body with simplistic and minimalist ingredients that are sourced well and all natural cold pressed.

Recommended and rating:

I would recommend this product as it helps a bit with anxiety in severe situations. I would rate this product 7/10.

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