Kat Von D lipsticks, eyeliners and brow pencils

About the brand:

Kat von D is a cruelty free make up brand that can be found in 35+ countries around the world. they sell a wide range of products from eyeshadows, lipsticks, highlighters, brow pencils and lip liners. They are a middle priced make up range.

Signature brow pencil:

(Taupe and medium brown) (£15.30)

These brow pencils are a slightly pigmented waxy product that lasts a long time on the skin and looks very natural on the brows. I was given two different shades but they are pretty similar when applied to the face. besides this the packaging of the product is elegant and sleek with a modest black look.

when applying these pencils to the brows they are a little harsh and does take a bit of pressure to get some pigmentation from the product but after that it lays on the skin perfectly and gives a lovely clean look to your brows but also does fade during the day. The eyebrow pencils are amazing on the brows and speak for themselves when you wear them as you would be having a great brow day.

I would recommend these as I feel like they where a go to when having natural make up day. I would rate these 9/10.

ink well liners:

(Darkwave and vampira) (£15.30)

The eyeliners are very bright and out there compared to what I would normally wear while also running into the issue with how to style them with make up to get a cohesive make up look. The packaging is unique and beautiful which is nice and I really liked the bold colours it helped my eyes to pop a little more.

These eye liners lay nicely on the eyes and do take a little dry time but it isn’t that bad compared to others, the pigmentation of them where outstanding and lasted well throughout the day and even the night, while easily taken off with make up removers and wipes.

I would recommend this product if you like out there eyeliners and don’t mind paying the price for it. I would rate this product a solid 8/10.

Studded kiss lipsticks:

(Coven, mötorhead and lovecraft) (£14.45)

This is a beautiful product with sleek black packaging and the studded look adds to the gothic edge to the product. I absolutely adored these lipsticks especially the red burgundy shade of a lipstick, but I also loved the pastel purple shade which is great for the autumn and a lovely nude shade to suit anyone with any skin colour and especially matches with the lip liner in Halkwind which I have reviewed below.

I think that these lipsticks are smooth and easily applied to the lips on the go and doesn’t leave streaky colouration on the lips. The lipsticks glide onto the lips and after a couple layers it looks perfect on the lips. This lipstick does smudge a bit while it is in use but the pigmentation is perfection. I love the shades and the way that the label on the bottom matches the lipstick and the swatch which is great.

I adore these lipsticks and I would definitely recommend these most out of all these products. I personally would rate these 9/10.

Everlasting lip liner:

(Hawkwind) ( £13.05)

This lip liner has great packaging as the colour of the applicator is the colour of the lip liner so the specific colour is easily found. The burgundy packaging is Devine with silver accents and wording on the slim applicator.

This nude deep brown lip liner is lovely for autumn or winter the shade would suit any one and majority of nude lipsticks or lip toppers you could put on top of this. This is a good lip liner as it applied nicely and evenly onto the lips, while also being very pigmented and saturated it only need one or two coats onto the lips. Before using this lipliner I had been recommended this product by a few of my friends who enjoys there lip liners and uses it daily. The wear time on this lip liner and if it transferable is what matters most to me about a lip product, firstly this lip liner is slightly transferable but not a lot which made me happy. And secondly this lip liner without eating food lasted 4/5 hours which is great, but it does wear away faster if you are eating with lip liner on.

I would recommend this product but if you want something that stays on all day, this isn’t it, but if you are looking for a pigmented lip liner this is a go to. I would rate this product 7/10.

Dagger tattoo eyeliner:

(Trooper black) (£15.30)

This eyeliner is a slim pen with a sleek jet black appearance with silver accents. I personally like the picture on the liner of the dagger which is nice and the pen looks fibrous, kind of like a brush not a felt nib.

Upon application I found out that the eyeliner does take a little while to dry and may transfer if it hasn’t dried. So I personally wouldn’t use this on a day where I am rushed but I would if I had some time to prepare for a night on the town or a girls night out. I loved the pigmentation as it wasn’t on and off which some eyeliners are it was consistent and saturated when I used it. While this eyeliner lays down a pin pointed precision of there it will be. I do like this product as a whole but I wouldn’t wear on a day to day basis.

I would recommend this if you don’t mind paying the higher end price for this liner especially if you use eyeliner daily. I would rate this product 8/10.

Lash liner:

(Trooper Black ) (£ 15.30)

This lash liners packaging is sleek and stunning with a clean black Finnish, I personally feel that this lash liner is packaged universally so everyone can use it easily and it suit most astetics.

The lash liner has more of a doe-foot applicator to help easily glide on. While applying this to my lash line I realised it does transfer a little bit but not a lot, this just depends on personal preference I don’t really mind this. It lyes perfectly and the pigmentation is perfection as it’s very saturated and precise. I would use this again if I was going to have a night out or a heavy make up day, but on a daily basis I wouldn’t personally pick this as I tend to wear no make up to let my skin breathe.

I would recommend this as a night out liner or if you do full on make up daily as it is on the higher end in price range for this product but that being said it is really nice. I would rate this product 7/10.

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