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Bali balm bergamot and grapefruit lip balm

About the brand:

Bali balm is a unisex luxury lip balm with a rich intensive formula to nourish the lips while also being vegan and 100% natural and contain many plant oils. Bali balm has perfected there balms to ensure they are quickly absorbed and lick in moisture without the waxy film. The brand sells 4 different flavours of there lip balm filled with a fusion of botanicals and spices.


The product has a deep natural green plastic packaging with a thin strip of deep orange around the cap, while the text is a simplistic white wording around the product which is easily read and understood.

This product has a thick glossy appearance once applied onto lips leaving a natural glow about the lips. The product has a white to yellow ivory colour are the balm.


This product is a very thick glossy silky balm Which nourishes the lips leaving them hydrated for up to 4 hours while the scent lasts for two of those four hours. I prefer to wear the lip balm at night time as it will leave my lips soft and silky in the morning.

Application and results:

This lip balm applied nice and evenly,while keeping my lips hydrated and glossy for up to 4 hours. This lip balm maintains it scent longer than two hours of wear time including eating. You may need to have to apply this a handful of times a day but I prefer this to put on just before you go to bed as it leaves your lips hydrated and soft for the morning.

Reccomend and rate:

I would reccomend this product for people who like a lip balm like Carmex but vegan and cruelty free. I would rate this product 7/10.

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