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Hempz Tahitian vanilla and ginger body wash

About the brand:

Hempz is a brand that is paraben -free, gluten free, THC free and vegan brand that is against animal cruelty. They sell products from moisturisers, body wash, lip balm and shower gels. All of there products contain 100% natural hemps seed oil which is rich in vitamins E, C, B1, B2, B3 And B6 which is ideal for maintaining healthy skin and hair.


• Enriched with 100% Pure Natural Hemp Seed Oil.

• Helps to condition, hydrate and nourish skin for a healthier look.

• Aromatic Vanilla Extract helps calm and soothe.

• Ginger Root Extract enriched with natural anti-inflammatory properties help stimulate, hydrate and renew skin’s healthy radiance.

• Helps provide dramatic skin hydration and nourishment.

• Shea Butter provides heavy moisture and essential nutrients to skin, helping to protect against free radical damage and daily elements.


This products packaging is sleek and modest while having unisex packaging with a versatile scent. Gold/yellow details on packaging give a simplistic feel.

The body wash itself is a thick glossy gel that’s looks very hydrating and moisturising.


This product is a thick indulgent gel formula which lathers amazingly into a light moisturising cream which is perfect for dry and sensitive skin. Once the skin is dry it leaves the skin squeaky clean and supple ready for your moisturiser.

Application and results:

This body wash is a light weight formula with a thick nourishing gel that once rubbed in with water becomes a thick opec white lather that covers your body. This cream once all the suds are washed away and you have patted your skin dry you skin will feel irresistibly smooth while also squeaky clean prepped and ready for an amazing moisturiser.

Reccomend and rate:

I loved this product its was very hydrating,soft and smoothing in the body. I would reccomend this body wash. I would rate this body wash 9/10.

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