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Laidbareskincare DIY face cleanser/toner and from dusk till dawn vitamin C serum

About the brand:

Laidbare skincare is a naturally inspired brand Which was created in March of 2006. There products are non synthetic, non alcoholic and has no damaging ingredients, while also being cruelty free. There products are 97-100% natural while also 10% of profit going to sreepur village in Bangladesh while there are known for being ” fun, affordable, accessible and natural”. Laidbare has NO petrochemicals, sulphates, parabens, synthetic fragrances, synthetic colours, TEA, DEA, glycols animal testing.

DIY 2 in 1 face cleanser and toner:

(£6.99) (all skin types)


This product has a sleek packaging with one nice block colour giving a professional look to the product. With a sturdy flip lid and thick plastic packaging.

The product itself is a transparent thick gel like formula. The cleanser seemed not to be sticky at all just glides on and lathers up.


This cleanser felt amazing it was a transparent thick gel with a glossy appearance that glides on to the face and lathering up to a white cream that hydrates and cleanses the face.

Application and results:

This has the scent of apple cider Vinegar to me with a slight floral scent which actually smells amazing.

This formula is amazing for my skin as it is enriching and nourishes my skin instead of takes the moisture out.

I took this cleanser and applied a pea size amount to my cleansing tool and rubbed in circular motions on my face. After mixed with water this gel lathers into a thick bubbly cream which hydrated my face and left it squeaky clean.

Reccomend and rating:

I am a massive fan of this product and I am very fussy with cleansers as they are my favourite step in my skincare routine. I would reccomend this product to help save time in a hurry, I would rate this product 9/10.

Dusk till dawn vitamin C facial serum:

(£12.99) (all skin types)


This product has a sleek glossy appearance with a sophisticated look to the packaging which gives a very unisex feel which is good as this is for all skin types.

The product itself is a yellow oil like consistency which looks very hydrating and glossy while also looking like maybe there maybe a greasy layer left on the skin after absorbed.


This product is very liquid like and viscous while being a very thin oil, which is good to help absorb into the lower layers of your skin. This product has a yellow/gold appearance to the product which gives a very high quality feel to the product

Application and results:

This product applied easily absorbed quickly into the skin after I minute this is good as it didn’t leave a greasy layer upon my skin which is good as I thought it would of but it doesn’t. Product you only need one pumpto cover the whole face. Then leave this for a minute and a half and this product should absorb fully into the skin

Reccomend and rating:

I would reccomend this product as it’s amazing and smells like lavender. I would rate this product 8/10.

pack your bags eye cream:

This eye cream has a very cute name and the sachets are very generous as you can use wash sachet at least 3 times. This is a white thick cream that is nourishing to the skin and helps hydrate and rejuvenate the under eyes.

Overall thoughts on this brand:

I personally love this brand from there products to what they stand for. I love there site layout and I would rate this brand overall 9/10.

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