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Anayah organic apricot bottom balm

About the brand:

Anayah naturals have been running for over three years. They are a small family run business which sells natural products from hair pomade to body butters made by an amazing lovely very kind woman.


This is a sturdy glass jar with a metal lid which has grip on it which allows easy access even with wet hands. Wall I also really like the homey feel to the product as it has a unique saying ‘made from organic ingredients and a spoonful of love’ The product is self is a yellow glossy looking balm.


The balm Has a thick balm like consistency but is still smooth, soft and silky. The balm absorbs into the skin leaving a glossy natural shimmer but soft texture to the outer layer of skin.

Application and results:

Balm layered evenly across the skin and absorbed fast. This product is amazing while also at a good price. This balm will last a long time while I also love attention to detail and the overall care and quality of the product for the price.

Reccomendation and rating:

I would recommend this product as it lasts very long time, is indulgent and has an moisturising effect with a natural glow of the skin as a plus. And it’s natural ! I would rate this product 8/10.


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