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Pretty little palette ‘the vampy one’

About the brand:

Pretty little palettes is an indie brand, which is 100% cruelty free and vegan. This brand specialises in make up Via the misfits cosmetics website. They sell products from eyeshadows pallets and bronzer to liquid lipsticks and lip pencils. This brand also has beautiful ascetically pleasing products.


This packaging is beautiful with a simple yet detailed appearance. But upon opening the pallets I felt drawn to the colours witch, grave and blade.

This palette colours look very pigmented and which are very close to the colour displayed when applying to your eyes. This is a Pallet with three Matt eyeshadows called metal, grave and earth. There are three shimmer eyeshadows called dusk, crush and fang. And finally two metallics called blade and witch.


The eyeshadows have a soft creamy texture where the pigmentation slides off easily and doesn’t need multiple applications and layers to build up colour. Product has some small grainy texture to the product but after dampening my brush this problem was solved.

Application and results:

Once I applied the eyeshadows they laid flat and opec on the eyes and lasted for hours,while also lasting through sweat, heat and endurance. This eyeshadow palette has an impeccable saturation, for all of the colours on the palette.

I was pleasantly surprised with the colours witch and blade in the palette as both the colours are very pretty and a very saturated with micro glitter giving them an amazing shine on the eyes without looking clumped or cheap.

Reccomendation and rating:

I would recommend this palette as It has a good night time theme and is also at a good price. I would rate this palette a 9/10.

Brand contacts:

Website –

Pretty Little Palettes

Instagram –

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