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Grace and Stella Co acne treatment masks

About the brand:

Grace and Stella is a vegan cruelty free brand that allows 100% money back guarantee. This brand was started in 2015. There first product being dr pedicure food exfoliating mask and have expanded into skincare, hair care and even make up.


The product packaging is simplistic and cute with a unique accent with the quote ” the best make up you can wear is healthy, glowing skin”.

The sheet mask is a white durable sheet mask.


The mask has a durable cotton feel while being covered in a light smoothing serum that isn’t sticky at all and fitted the face perfectly.

Application and results:

This mask was a very good durable mask with a great fit to the face. The serum is a light quick absorbing formula which left the face hydrated and replenished leaving no sticky residue from the Serum.

Reccomendation and results:

I loved this face mask it helped reduce my acne a lot from the Witch hazel and the salicylic acid in the serum. I would repurchase and I would rate this 10/10.


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