K beauty sheet masks

About Korean skincare:

Korean skincare has been around for many many years but has only in the last few years become prominent within non-Korean East Asian countries.

Usually European skincare consists of 3 to 5 steps in comparison to Korean skincare which usually has 8 to 10 steps as they try to use a layering technique with skincare to build up hydration with dehydrated skin to allow for that glossy dewy glow that most Korean skins are known for.

I personally have enjoyed Korean skincare for the last couple of years as I have younger skin hydration and suncare is the primary factors that I need to be focusing on instead of reducing fine lines and pigmentation. Although I do use acne products such as pimple patches I do focus more on hydration and the layering technique that is used in Korean skincare. I think this is a great Way to do skincare as building up layers of hydration is great for skin types and they focus mainly on preventative measures such as sunscreen which I think is a big factor, you need to wear sunscreen every day even if it’s raining or cloudy.

Too cool for school pore tightening egg sheet mask: (£4.73 – care to beauty)

I love to cool for school anything so I had to include this face mask as I think this brand is a very known skincare brand from Korea. This Korean brand focuses mainly on strange skincare products and has a big line of egg skincare which range from Phone councils to masks and they’ve got really cute cool names and all market directly at young adults which is my market category and I just has fallen head over heels for this brand.

This face masks main ingredient is vinegar and egg yolk extract which egg yolk contains proteins which is good for the elasticity and hydration of the skin and the skin barrier. Although this sounds really strange as a product in skincare this is actually really good for your skin especially as it works as a natural remedy the same as snail mucin which is used in Korean skincare as well. This mask is promoted as a poor tightening mask it is a single use ultra microfibre sheet mask that weighs 28 g. And it is instructed to have this on for 10 to 20 minutes to see the most that this mask can do for your skin. I only had the one to try so I can’t say if this works important or not but I can say that this did hydrate my skin it didn’t feel heavily perfumed and it was really soothing to my skin especially in this hotter weather that the UK is now experiencing.

I would definitely recommend this mask if you can get it on discount or sale as it is relatively Expensive for a single use mask if you’re only using it for 20 minutes but you can squeeze this and get out the essence that is in it that you can use for a couple of days after. I would rate this mask 8 out of 10 though so it is worth the money if you have it.

Nature republic cucumber sheet mask: (£1.90 – nature republic website)

Nature Republic is also a common brand in Korean skincare although I have never tried any of their products before although I have come across them online as they are primarily known for their aloe face gel which is used as an after sun and A gel moisturiser.

I was so happy to try this facemask as they are relatively affordable for Popular Korean skincare. This brand is also easy to access within the UK which is also good as Korean skincare is actually hard to obtain in the UK.

Now onto the actual product I think cucumber is a great ingredient that can be used as it is good for healing and it’s good for softening and moisturising the skin giving a hydrated glow to the face which is always good to go to sleep with as it can allow you to wake up in the morning and to have an even unblemished flat like surface to your skin although this did leave a brightening affect my skin if that is something you would want in your face masks I personally don’t mind this extra added bonus but this is just a reminder that it is an extra but I did find this was great for evening out pigmentation in a short-term affect. I would recommend this product and I would also rate it 8 out of 10 especially if you have sunburn or you can use this as an afterthought effect and it works very very well at hydrating the skin as well as the other product you can rinse out the essence and use it for a couple of days afterwards.

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