Hempz yuzu And starfruit body bronzer

About the brand:

Hempz is a brand that is paraben -free, gluten free, THC free and vegan brand that is against animal cruelty. They sell products from moisturisers, body wash, lip balm and shower gels. All of there products contain 100% natural hemps seed oil which is rich in vitamins E, C, B1, B2, B3 And B6 which is ideal for maintaining healthy skin and hair.

Appearance and texture:

This is a foam bottle which has a deep hazel brown tone to the colour of this product, inside the bottle is a water like consistency for this product. the foam that comes out is a large bubbly appearance. Once the product is applied to the skin it ,eaves a hazel tone to the skin with a slight bronzed tone to the skin, if you have fair skin like myself you would need the medium tined bronzer which is what I used.

Application and results:

This product applied easily to the skin, it says on the packaging that you cant have near water, sweat, tears or perspiration. I think that they covered all basis with this tag but if you want this to be consistent then you should probably have a at home day where you don’t really do much. I thought generally this product was consistent with the bronzed effect to the skin but was slightly patchy in some parts and where I had to have a at home day I felt like it was a little too much effort especially as I don’t do this often as I kind of like my fair completion.

Reccomendation and rating:

I would recommend this as its a good product but I wouldn’t recommend if you are only using this I would personally say to use this as a top up from a previous bronzer as its a good maintenance bronzer but not for a base. I would rate this product 6/10.

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