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Psotherapy shower gel, soothing repair cream and moisturiser

About the brand:

Psotherapy was started in 2010 in Spain, they are a psoriasis natural remedies, they are made in Italy with quality ingredients. They are 100% natural and are based around natural extracts with a range of products such as shampoo, conditioner, scalp fluid, repair cream, shower gel and moisturiser. the aims of this brand is to help people with psoriasis, eczema and other skin conditions to help reach a good skin life with natural ingredients so no nasty fillers that would break out the skin.

Shower gel:

This product is a thin shower gel  that is light on the skin, this pump bottle is very easy to use. I love the white theme with the specs of saturated orange lettering and green accents to the product.

After using this product for a while I think it was good and helped to hydrate my skin after a shower and was good as it didn’t strip my skin after a shower which was really good. I liked this product but didn’t love it like I did the cream but it was still a very good shower gel.

I would recommend this product to people but I wouldn’t repurchase, as a shower gel isn’t  really special and they all seem the same to me. I would rate this product 7/10.

Soothing repair:

Out of there whole collection this is my favourite product, and WOW it works wonders. This packaging is simple but hygienic with a lovely pump dispenser which is very convenient.

This is a thick white to ivory cream that absorbs quickly into the skin so its even good for busy people, the cream absorbs in less then 60 seconds which was very impressive for a thick cream. The formula of this is perfect as it contains hyaluronic acid and ascorbic acid which helps to sooth the skin and retain moisture in the skin. this product helped clear up my skin a lot and I use this to maintain and keep my skin clear, I use this 1 -2 times a week depending how bad my eczema has been.

I would recommend this product as it is a life saver and a new holy grail of mine, I would rate this product 10/10.


The packaging of this product is simple but bright and sophisticated with the white base with little bits of orange and green. This product has a milky consistency with a ivory appearance to the moisturiser.

When using this moisturiser a little bit went a really long way, while also it was light on the skin didn’t weigh it down or cause break outs. Before using the moisturiser and repair cream my back eczema was running rampage on my skin, now I have used this for a few weeks my eczema has calmed down now and isn’t completely gone but is manageable now.

I would reccomend this moisturiser to maintain eczema for those who suffer with this. I would also rate this moisturiser 8/10.


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