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What’s in it for me..? Body scrub and body butter

About the brand:

The brand what’s in it for me..? Is a sister brand to Anatomicals, which is based about self indulgence and loving the skin with “totally selfish, indulgent, in love with yourself products”. This brand focuses on self love before being able to give love to another you must love yourself and your body first.

Body cream:


This product has a lot of oils in the ingredients such as mineral oil,jasmine oil cheddar wood oil and violet oil which Is amazing for the skin not only are oils hydrating to the skin but they sink deeper into the layers of skin for a deeper hydration. All these oils are also amazing at helping to restore the skins natural protection barrier. These natural oils help to nourish and make the skin soft.


The body butter looks clean and fluffy almost like a cloud. The body butter also looks very thick and moisturising without being greasy on the skin as it looks like a light weight moisturiser.


This body cream is a light, fluffy, soft and very creamy. This body cream is a fast absorbing light weight cream that absorbs into the skin evenly.

Application and results:

This light weight body cream is also a slightly thick nourishing cream that has a light Jasmin and cedar wood scent but doesn’t over power you, this is a relaxing scent that is great just after the bath.

I personally love this cream especially in combination with there body scrub. This cream leaves the skin irresistibly soft to the touch for over 24 hours.

Recommendation and rating:

I would recommend this body cream it is indulgent and creamy with a good price. I would rate this 10/10

Body scrub:


This body scrub contains jojoba oil, eucalyptus oil and rose oil which are known for hydrating, healing and nourishing the skin. The scrub also contains pineapple extracts and lemon extracts which give a fruity pineapple scent to the body scrub but also helping the skin to have that ‘glow from within’ radiance look to the skin.


This Scrub is a bright yellow salt scrub that has a gel like Texture to the product. Once applied to the skin with water this yellow gel turns into a white nourishing cream on the skin nourishing and exfoliating any dry patches to leave the skin irresistibly smooth.


This body scrub is a creamy moisturising light exfoliating super like body scrub. The scrub has a lather effect once the scrub is applied it lathers into a creamy texture with a few sugar like granules in. This scrub is a yellow thick gel which changes into a white frothy moisturising scrub.

Application and results:

This thick Salt scrub gel once put onto the skin and rubbed in circular motions starts to exfoliate the skin and hydrate the dry patches. Once the gel has been combined with water this gel turns into a hydrating cream which nourished my body and left it hydrated and silky soft.

Reccomendation and rating:

I would reccomend this product as it smells Devine and moisturises the skin while exfoliating it. I would rate this product 10/10.

Link to the brands site:

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