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About the brand:

This brand is a home based company which has been running for 11 months and started in 2017. This brands products are all handmade with care from a wonderful kind person. This brand sells bow, teathers, dummy’s and personalised beaded chains with the names spelt on the product.


The bows look very detailed and stylish, this product looks very expensive and put together while also being very cohesive. This product has a very unique appearance I don’t love the small details that are included such as protective ribbon wrapped around the crocodile clip at the back of the bow which has a nice feel to the product and shows but this is made with the upmost care. The bows have a bobbly appearance to the leather material.


This product has a very thick material which was bumpy on one side and soft on the other. Where the crocodile clam has ribbon round to ensure that nothing is caught in these clips.

Application and results:

Once these bows was put in my hair they stayed out throughout the whole day not falling out at all. While the bows was in my hair it was comfortable and didn’t tug at strands of my hair which is good for younger children. These bows also looks super cute and accent a lot of outfits and dresses. I personally love these bows and think they are very high quality and they are amazing.

Reccomendation and rating:

I would reccomend this product as they are heigh quality and will last a long time. I would rate this product 9/10.

Links to her Instagram page:

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