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Misfits cosmetics charcoal shine teeth whiten powder

About the brand:

The founder of misfits cosmetics has a fresh natural view on life with innovative cosmetics to allow a “filter free” Life. Based on environmentally friendly products to boost confidence like filters with smoothing and soothing cosmetics.


This product has a sleek stylish appearance due to the simple monochrome black-and-white scale the packaging a sleek shiny and glossy giving the monochrome packaging a great flair.


The product dry feel soft delicate and like a mix between flower and baking powder but is soft, jet black and the pigmentation is insane. But when the powder is damp this product changes to a thin paste which covered and started to whiten the teeth.

Application and results:

The charcoal powder changed instantly when around the saliva which is nice the pigmentation was great and felt like it cleaned my teeth very well but it made my bathroom a massive black haste and black powder charcoal powder every where. So just be ready and prepared with some wet wipes for after.

Reccomendation and rating:

I would recommend this product as I felt it helped whitening my teeth I would rate this an 8/10.

If you want to get this yourself:

Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder

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