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Bowe eye lash serum

About the brand:

This brand was founded by Diane bowe a freelance hairdresser who stumbled upon organic beauty oil when starting her hairdressing in 2012. This is where she started a passionate journey to understand all benefits of natural products and understand the harsh chemicals use in mainstream products and want to share the beautiful products they make with the world.


The appearance of the packaging is simple and monochrome which is very sleek sophisticated and matches any scenery or personality.

The oil itself is orange, yellow colour and looks thick and glossy while packaged it in a beautiful purple bag that’s very cute.


This oil is very thick but still running with a smooth silky texture that glides on and absorbs quickly. This is such a very luxurious product leaving a flawless shine to the eyelashes and eyebrows this isn’t sticky at all and is amazing. Holy grail alert!!

Application and results:

This product applies easily and I use this on my fingers and glide on eyes closed and use my fingers like mascara putting on the underside of my lashes, any excess I rub into my eyebrows. Amazing!!

I suffer with dry eyelashes that are very irritating and falls out easily and this product helped so much 😍!

Recommendation and results:

I would definitely recommend this product to everyone as it’s a luxurious product and even your eyelashes and brows need some luxury pamper spa treatment after a day of hard work. I would rate this a 10/10 love this completely a holy grail.

Contact details:

Bowe website :


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