Palmers getting yourself tip to toe beach body ready

About the brand :

Palmer’s is one of the biggest names in skin care and is the #1 cocoa butter in the world. Their Cocoa Butter Formula range is the first brand to offer a full line of products including creams, lotions, lip balms, soaps, body oils andof course the original Cocoa Butter Solid Formula. They was started in 1971 and now is world known for there products.

Foot scrub:

Your feet almost ignored part of your body that people forget every day but they use them every single day. It is so important to clean your feet to exfoliate them especially as you need to exfoliate away all the dead skin to stop from skin buildup on your feet. I feel like it’s important to show every part of your body the same amount of love that most people show the skincare as the skin is the whole body not just on the face.

This was such a good foot scrub it was very exfoliating left my feet feeling super soft and buffed away all the dead skin not only this but the packaging is super cute. The scent of this product is absolutely amazing it’s the same cocoa smell but the rest of this range palmers is known for but at first I didn’t know if I liked it but I actually do like the scent as it’s sooo good.

I personally would recommend this product maybe to buy once a year at the start of summer to ensure you are flip-flop ready. I would rate this foot scrub 8 out of 10.

Body balm:

This body butter was easy to apply and great to use around the body especially in this new summer heat that the UK has somehow found. I use this and it’s got a a super nice texture as it is very creamy and buttery which is great and it has the usual palmers cocoa scent.

This was a very thick balm even for myself who has dry skin on the body. But I managed to use this on my knees elbows top of my legs and my heels which is where I need the most intense hydration.

The balm did not leave A sticky residue on my skin which I thought it would and left my skin feeling smooth and hydrated. I would recommend this product as it is good value and it is also cruelty free. I would rate this product 6 out of 10.

Hand cream :

This hand cream is thick and moisturising, while rubs in easily leaving a visible hydration barrier around the skin. I love this is travel size and you can use this while you’re on the go, I found this best to be in my side purse as I used more often and it did last for 3 to 5 hours see you rarely need to reply. And you only need a little bit when you do reapply.

I personally love the cocoa butter sent the lingered on my hands for hours which was amazing I specially love this when I’m reading because then I have a nice soothing scent when I’m reading and calming down.

What can I say I absolutely love this and I would recommend to everyone to try this out. I would rate this 9/10.

Lip balm:

When I first started using this lip balm I felt it was a little bit too thick but then when I start using it for I went to bed it was great, this will also be great in the winter as it is a lot thicker so it can protect your lips more. The scent on this was absolutely amazing and it also has built an SPF which is also a plus when it comes to it as you do need to protect your lips as well.

I thought that the packaging was a little bit odd as little lip balms are normally circular where as this is elongated which was a lot easier to use across the lips, as it had a wider surface to coat the lip surface.

This hydrated my lips for hours on end and I absolutely adore this, I would recommend this product to friends and family as this is such a good basic lip balm. I would rate this 8/10.

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