Generation skincare vitamin C serum

About the brand:

This brand was started in 2017 and the vitamin C serum is the only product they sell at this point, but they are a cruelty free brand that has a lot of natural ingredients such as aloe and is know for hydrating brightening and reducing acne.

Appearance and texture:

The product is a small 30mls tinted glass jar to help prevent the break down of the ingredients. The bright orange label gives a pop of colour to the serum, while the serum itself is a sheer orange tinted viscous serum.

The serum is semi viscous and a glossy product leaving a glass look to the skin. This product is really nice on the skin and smooths out easily onto the skin.

Application And results:

This product applied nicely to the skin, you take a few drops and pat it into the skin after toner and before moisturising. This serum I used at night as I didn’t want the Vitamin C to fade or turn during the day and loose all the goodness of the vitamin. When I applied this to the face it felt light on the skin and didn’t clog my pores, this serum left a little bit of stickiness on the skin but not a lot and after being left on the skin for 5 minutes it faded to a supple texture on the skin. After using this for 4-5 weeks I feel like it helped brightened my skin but didn’t help with acne but you can use another product for that. It did leave a lovely natural inner glow to the skin.

Reccomendation and rating:

I would reccomend this serum as it is a very nice vitamin C serum but I would say compare the ingredients between this and other vitamin C serums. I would rate this product 9/10.

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