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Blossomfeilds personalised skincare review

About the brand:

Blossomfeilds is a personalised skincare brand that’s goal is to reach as many people as possible this is run by an amazing woman who does individual consultations to create unique skincare personalised to you.

Pure mix oil serum:

This is a mixture of strawberry oil, calendula, camomile and many others. This product is a light serum that smells like lemons but evens and levels of the skin. This was a great Serum for the day time as it is light and absorbs very quickly and doesn’t sit on the skin I would rate this product a 7/10 it should in perfect my skin helped moisturise my skin first thing in the morning without drowning in moisture before I go to sleep.

Eye cream:

This is a light hydrating oil blend which is visually A white thick cream. This product applied nicely and helps depuff my eyes leave them hydrated I would mainly use this at night time as it left my eyes feeling soft before I would go to sleep and I would wake up with eyes slightly depuffed this does show affects but you would have to use it regularly on a long-term basis to see permanent results like all products.i would rate this 8/10.

Rich serum:

Please contains natural ingredients like hyaluron gel, aloe Vera, rosehip oil and many more. Packaging is a small 15 mil jar with a drop of the project about self is a yellow toned Thick serum With a hydrating feel and affect. The product applied evenly and smooth I liked this at night for a hydration boost. I would rate this a 9/10.

Blemish/spot treatment:

This blemish treatment contains ingredients such as aloe vera, tee tree oils an many more. This is a small 10-15 mil container well the product itself has a green pigmentation. This has a thick gel consistency and smells pretty strong of tee tree. This product applies nicely and sinks into the skin well I love this product it helped a bit with blemishes without laying on top of the skin. I would rate this product 8/10.

Final thoughts overall:

I thought the products matched my needs and concerns very well,while she was very nice and friendly. the products were very good for a personalised skincare service I would rate the brand overall 9/10.

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