T-zone black peel off mask

About T zone:

T-zones mission is to deliver the natural alternative to chemical ingredients that can irritate the skin, for a clearer and spot-free complexion! T-Zone products strive for effective and naturally purifying skincare to treat and target skin prone to impurities and blemishes.

About the product:

This is a charcoal single use peel off mask sold individually at places like savers Superdrug and boots.And usually retails between 89p and £1.50 for a single sashay which consists of 20 mils of product. Although you can use this for two applications so you can share this between you and a friend. This has no sense to it so has no artificial fragrance and can be used in a very short period of time as it only takes 10 to 15 minutes.

My thoughts:

I think that this can be a good product for someone who has a lot of sebum in there sebaceous filaments as this works primarily on things and not on blackheads as they are deeper in the pores and cannot be reached by this type of mask. But this is very good as a gimmicky product to do at a sleepover with a friend so I would rate this6 out of 10.

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