Olofson skincare discovery gift set

About the brand: (£26)

Wendi olofson is the creator and founder of olofson skincare which is a premium skincare brand made by hand in small batches on Sussex coast. Olofson skincare is made with carefully sourced naturally derived ingredients to give a gentle approach on skincare. Products are packaged in glass containers and uses recycled plastic whenever possible. Olofson skincare is free from parabens, PEG, SLS, synthetic fragrances, mineral oil as is against animal testing.

Wendi’s aims was to create a luxurious skincare brand that does what it says on the tin, her background come from art and textiles but has spent many years researching, sourcing and testing all ingredients that’s used to be confident in improving people’s skin.

Why choose olofson, because all the testers trying out the skincare including myself absolutely adore them and won’t use anything else, this is what made this brand serious and enter into the world.

Facial oil:

This facial oil is actually really good, usually I’m not a big fan of facial oils as I am very picky, but this facial oil impressed me. I either use this in my moisturiser or on its own for a treatment at night, this is such a good travel size product and the packaging is very good quality that I will reuse when it runs out to refill with facial oil if I go traveling. This is a very luxurious feel when applied to the skin, packaging wise it looks very simplistic and cute which ascetically fits into all routines. I love that the dropper goes all the way to the bottom of the bottle so you don’t have use too it out and that it is very stable. This is super thin but moisturising for the skin I would rate this 8/10 in my skincare routine. It’s great for combo skin.

Moisturiser 1 :

Let me start by saying this moisturiser is great. I love this and it’s essential when I travel as this is a go to in my travel moisturiser drawer. This moisturiser has a lovely thick texture which once apply to the skin it evens out into a thin moisturising and nourishing layer Which is great for during the day, and I absolutely adored putting this on of a sleeping mask at night time to seal in all the good skincare. I think if I had to recommend any product for teenage acne prone skin this is it. The ingredients are great as they are a natural hand made skincare products so they are all monitored by wendi. I would rate 10/10 I would repurchase this moisturiser again after finnishing the ones I have.

Moisturiser 2:

Out of this whole entire self this was the one my skin didn’t like it just felt too light and watery I had a sense that stick to the skin. Although my brother did really like this because he has acne oily skin and he really liked this on Instagram but I have dry combination and I wasn’t a fan of this but that’s just keep in mind it’s the same with all personal preferences. I do you like those travel size set and how small this moisturiser as it’s great for testing out a product or if you’re constantly on the go it’s great to travel with and to make sure that you don’t have a product that goes out of date. For my skin personally I would rate this 5 out of 10 but my brother would rate this 8.5 out of 10.

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