Janina 24k gold toothpaste

Retails for £19 but on sale for £12

About the brand:

A unique and innovative gel formula with Colloidal Gold and the whitening patented Bromine Complex to whiten teeth without the use of harsh abrasives

Taste and visual:

I think the toothpaste looks very unique and appealing to people who like more interesting toothpaste and who are very adventurous, me personally I’m not really that person I normally buy the same toothpaste over and over again. But I do like the packaging of this is very simplistic but also over the top at the same time is very in your face. Do you watch out because it is very minty if you don’t like very strong minted toothpaste this is not for you.

How it worked with my teeth and the diffrence:

I feel like this did help my teeth look slightly whiter faster but compare to bigger brands such as Oral b I don’t know if it compares but I do think this is very nice and it would be great to give to a friend who is very over the top and likes expensive things as it is very glittery and sparkly and visually appealing.

Overall rating:

overall I did like how this toothpaste felt and performed when I use it apart from the very strong mint taste I did really enjoy this I wouldn’t specifically go out my way to re-purchase this but if it was convenient as this is on Amazon I would re-purchase again. I would rate this toothpaste 7 out of 10 and I would definitely recommend.

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