Bumi organics natural face mask and polish

About the brand:

Bumi organics is a cruelty free natural beauty remedies handmade with unrefined certified organic ingredients handmade with love from London one also only been up since 2017. They were born out of the desire to appreciate the abundance of materials that a beautiful earth has to offer and to have that heal people in more traditional cultures for thousands of years for every issue there is a cure and it’s not synthetic.

Bumi face mask:

This face mask reminds me of cinnamon and honey coffee As the smell is really strong of coffee which I have a sensitive nose for but other people may enjoy this more than I do. Besides from this it’s a very thick mask that spreads thinly across the face. I did like this face mask as it was one of those exfoliating face masks and help to de-puff My skin which is always nice as it soft and my skin by exfoliating the dead skin and also the puffed my skin as coffee is a natural anti-inflammatory and honey is also a natural reducer of acne and information as it is antibacterial.

If you have sensitive skin I would be best to use this mask maybe once A week or even less than that but if you do have oily skin then I would recommend using this once or twice a week as it gives a really good physical exfoliation but also leaving a honey barrier left on your skin after applying a face mask. I would recommend this face mask if you love coffee and natural skincare. I would rate this 8/10.

Bumi face polish:

First of all I’m going to say that the packaging on this face scrub is amazing it looks beautiful as well as the glass packaging which gives a very sophisticated appeal to scrub. When are use this it didn’t have any particularly strong scent and was a very different texture from scrubs that I normally use as it was more of a paste or dermabrasion then a scrub I would say But when I applied this to face it did exfoliate almost all of the dead skin off of my face which is great especially as this is a natural and organic face scrub which is something I’ve been looking for for a long time this is a 30 mil tub so it will last you a decent amount of time. But after removing this I did feel like there was a film over my skin so I had to wash my face after. I would recommend a scrub as it is really good but just be aware that it does leave a film over your skin. I would rate this product 8.5 out of 10.

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