Aurora violet cosmetics beauty blender duo gift set

About the brand:

Aurora violet is a vegan and cruelty free beauty blender duo set and is a new start up brand. They believe that every make up kit needs two beauty blenders one for liquid products and one for powdered products. These beauty blenders can be brought on amazon as a duo set for £8.99 which is an unbelievable price so it’s £4.49p each. They have a large array of colours plain and mixed like the pink and blue marble blenders I got sent.

Right, when I dampened this i was very surprised that it almost tripled in size. Which was unexpected as I knew it would grow but not this much. It also has a soft texture to the beauty blender when it is dampened and is a very soft but a little firm feel the it which makes it easy to apply full coverage and sculpt around your face when applying make up.

The beauty blenders are incredible, the packaging of the beauty blenders is sturdy and safe making sure they come in the best quality. They have plain and unicorn colour, I got sent the unicorn colour which is there most popular colouration.

I would reccomend these as they are inexpensive and not only are they pretty but really good quality. I would rate these 8/10.

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