Travel friendly mini me’s

I personally love minis and travel sized products as not only do they look cute and adorable but they are very handy to figure out if you like a product and they are more affordable most of the time and can give you an idea if you will like the product enough to get the full size or if the full size is worth the money.

If we look at both these i believe these are counted as ‘full size’ but i personally would say they are travel as they are 10-15 mls/g, but i would love to know what you think in the comments.

Natural world hair oil:

This hair oil looks amazing and fresh with a light airy feeling to the hair oil. This is a 10 ml bottle of hair oil to help your hair feel light and fluffy but also moisturising the roots and dry hair. To apply this you take a few drops from the bottle and place it in your finger tips massage between fingers and apply to the scalp and ends of the hair massaging it into the hair follicles. After using this for a few weeks i saw less frizz and my dead ends was nourished a bit so they didn’t look as straggly as they did. all tough this is a good thing i don’t believe this is for my hair type as i have natural long hair that is normal and doesn’t need extra moisturise as i have not excessively used heat tools. i would rate this hair oil 6/10 for my hair but this is for my hair alone and may work on someone else’s.

T-zone glitter peel off mask:

This peeling mask was nice to try as i enjoy single use sachets to try a product before purchasing it which is always nice but i feel like it is a waste of packaging especially if they are plastic. But talking about the facial mask itself, once packaging is opened apply to the face in a thick layer and making sure it is all together so it is easier when it drys that you can peel it off your face. peel off masks do hurt a bit but this one didn’t hurt as much as others and took out a few of my blocked pores but i think glitter masks are more fun then it is effective on the skin. I did like this but i would only use with a friend as this is more of an event face mask to do with family or when others are around. i would rate this facial mask 6.5/10.

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