2019 Christmas gift guide For under £40

Christmas gift guide introduction:

This years Christmas gift guide features many brilliant and unique grounds which are all cruelty free, vegan and organic. This will feature a lot of smaller brands as I feel like they are the best gifts to give at Christmas because majority of them are handmade they feel more homey and nicer for gifts.

Georgias carrot buckthorn moisturiser: £39.95

This is one of the more higher end products that will be featured in this gift guide and I wanted to mention this in the 2019 gift guide for the fact that it is a universally great moisturiser its pH balancing it’s 93% natural and has a very unique gel cream feel to it. I’ve tried all their facial oil before and that was absolutely amazing especially for people who have dry or dehydrated skin where is this moisturiser is for all skin types as it pH balances will help restore the skin barrier and can be brought for anyone.

If I personally receive this as a gift I would be ecstatic as it is such a good moisturiser and anyone who loves skin care love a good moisturiser.

Thursday plantation tea tree balm: £10

This you can see in boots as they sell it in there you can always get discounts and money off on this moisturiser, and from my experience of using this moisturiser is that is a thick tea tree infused anti-blemish moisturiser which is great the people Who have oily skin or blemish/redness like teenagers and early 20’s. This is great as it is travel size and can be used at night for a sleep mask. This is honestly a great multifunctional cream for a really good price and will last the whole year.

This is natural And can be used for a multitude of things, personally when I used this I loved using it as a sleeping mask as it reminds me of the quality of the body shop Teatree night mask, so when you wake up you’re left with visibly reduced blemishes and more evened out skin.

Alteya organics rose jasminium purifying face cleanser: £21

This is a lovely basic cream to gel cleanser In a fabulous glass bottle which gives a really high quality feel packaging. And due to the monochrome feeling of this cleanser it will fit in with the ascetics of anyone’s routine.

While I was using this it helped with my oily T-zone and felt great on the face without leaving weird textures on the skin which is always great I believe this is good as an all-round cleanser for anyone and it’s great if you’re creating a skincare routine for a friend.

KISS glue on nails: £8

Fake nails are a girls new best friend, especially kiss glue one and stick on nails. These are relatively cheap and you can get them almost anywhere where for Relatively cheap such as boots they are £8. They come in a very large fried to have colours shapes shapes patterns and also applications. If you want to get a stocking filler or even a good gift for a friend who likes fake nails kiss is probably the best people to go with as they have such a large variety.

I have a gifted kiss nails away to multiple friends and they have loved them and so does my mum because it’s a universally loved product. And you can’t go wrong with things as they are very basic but they can also be very fancy.

Embrolisse limited edition moisturiser:

As all of you guys know if you seen my other reviews I really do like this moisturiser as I have use of a full 75 mil size before And I would happily re-purchase again, so it’s been a feature of this year as it is a staple and a great French skincare products which any skincare level would adore to receive on Christmas.

I have purchased this to give to my mum and this is great for all skin types and is a holy grail in French skincare. This is for me and I’m sure it will be for you, there will be a French skincare blog post in 2020 so watch out for that too.

Silk scrunchies from only curls:

These are high-quality silk pink scrunchies That reduce tangles and catching on frizzy and curly hair. These are very good for curly hair but not the best for people with strait hair like myself as they did catch a little but they are very silky and I use this at night to keep my hair back while I sleep.

I would highly recommend these if you have curly hair as they keep your hair up for ages and they look very cute and may work better as keeping your hair untangled then mine.

TRINE skincare sets: (night and day)

Trine is a cruelty free natural skincare and body care brand, that I adore. The brand started late 2017 find amazing and kind lady, Who always make sure that her products are organic cruelty free and vegan.

Night time set:

First in this nighttime routine Ian is trying oils first make up an SPF cleansing oil, This glides easily onto the skin Anders great removing my SPF although it does have some natural fragrance but still smells very natural what are using it. And I did enjoy this while I was away in my double cleanse routine I loved the travel size compatibility of the product as well as it being reusable packaging.

Next is my favourite product out of this whole bundle which is the lavender facial toner. This toner is my absolute favourite I have lavender body wash pillow mist and body butter but I never thought of seeing lavender in my skincare so this intrigued me but also help to soothe my skin at night time and refresh and help me calm myself down prior to bed. If you don’t get anything else from this gift guide just use this toner it is incredible and is a complete skincare life changer.

And last but not least bukuchiol facial oil, Which is a lovely lightweight facial oil that sinks in and penetrates the layers of the skin. I love that this is natural and organic which is uncommon nowadays in facial oils. This is great for travelling and I would recommend this as it deadsmooth out my skin.

Overall the nighttime routine from trine skincare is great and I prefer this set the best and I would definitely recommend this brand and these products.

Day time set:

First off in this daytime set is trines brand-new Tumerick face wash as you can see in the white pump. Turmeric as a really good ingredient for the skin but it’s really used because it’s hard to use in a natural way and skincare. This is a great gel sort of cleanser as it lathers up slightly but doesn’t foam. I did enjoy this especially when I was away although they are in glass containers but I’ll just make sure that I reuse them.

Secondly, the orange flower facial toner I’m not the biggest fan of this not because it’s a bad product but because I’m not the biggest fan of citrus, but I have a really good friend that absolutely loves this facial mist As they adore the scent of orange. This toner is very good for the skin but the scent is also a personal preference.

And last but not least the N0.1 Facial oil which I’ve already used a full size bottle which you’ll see in my 2019 empties blog post. I do adore this facial oil As it just sinks into the skin nicely And leaves a supple surface So the skin but also nourishing deep down. This is very light and can be mixed in with a moisturiser. This is your every day go to reviving facial oil and i am so happy to have it in my collection again.

Overall I think the daytime skincare routine is great and very minimal which is what you want in the daytime. But I would recommend the nighttime more, but if you can afford both they do work in conjunction with each other which is best to use.

Rose toner :

This is a great newly released rose toner normally I wouldn’t recommend this type of toner Because I feel like the synthetic rose fragrance puts me off the product a lot as I have tried A lot of these but this doesn’t have such a strong scent which I find very nice this is also great for evening out skin and soothing irritation which is great for any of my teenagers who follow my blog as this works great on my skin which is combination acne due to teenage hormones.

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