Christmas Rio Rosa gift set

About the brand:

Rio Rosa Mosqueta is a 100% vegan, organic and natural with “no nasties!” Such as parabens, paraffin, petrochemicals, sulphates, animal testing, synthetic fragrances, synthetic colourings, PEG, TEA and DEA.
Many years ago their co-founder traveled to Brazil and was inspired by the amazons treasure trove of the finest natural botanicals. The Rio Rosa skincare line has a base of Chilean rosehip seed oil. Today when you purchase Rio Rosa’s products you are supporting the conservation of South America and they are also a fair trade brand meaning when a product is purchased it helps farmers and workers in developing country’s.

Body butter:

This body butter packaging looks simplistic and sleep but also has the Aztec design but all of the products have. This is thick body butter Which is great to lather on after shower or a bath especially in this winter weather which seeps into your skin and dries it out.

This is a massive tub of body butter so last you the whole of winter this is amazing for chaps skin and is also great if you have dehydrated skin especially great for the legs off the shaving and just overall a good moisturiser for the body and neck. This is definitely a essential in a winter gift set for a friend.

Rosehip oil:

This is a very natural skincare facial oil with only rose-hip oil and vitamin E in which I personally love as it’s then natural and minimal, while you know the ingredients inside the product which you can trust.

I personally adore this facial oil not only because the packaging is super cute but because I love the ethics and the mortals behind this brand. I have used one of the products before and I was super happy when the accepted a feature this year. Me and my partner I’ll post fighting over who will be the one to use this facial oil because we both absolutely adore facial oil.

This is the universally great facial oil and I would definitely recommend especially as it’s discounted in the gift set.

Gua sha:

These are used to naturally close pores and to reduce the swelling, puffiness and redness on the face but can also be used on the body. This is a jade gua aha stone but you can also get rose quartz and Opel although jade is one of the most used natural stone used for skincare routines.

These are also used to massage products into the face such as oils (rosehip oil) moisturisers and serums but also gives yourself a nice facial massage after a long hard day. or even to reduce redness dark circles and inflammation in the skin but they are also know to reduce build up of facial cellulite and double chins.

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