Christmas gift set from Blooma beauty AD skin synergy

Blooma beauty started because they struggled to find a choice of organic brands in conventional beauty stores. They only except natural and organic brands which have no harmful chemicals which is always cruelty free and sustainable packaging. They are honest and transparent about the ingredients they use because they believe you should be able to understand what is in your beauty products.

P.s Blooma means to bloom like a flower in Swedish and is inspired A natural and minimalistic approach.

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About the brand: (£35 )

Ad skin synergy is a natural and organic anti ageing skincare brand who have been scientifically tested and came out with outstanding results. They have one multiple awards for anti ageing green beauty natural beauty and free from skin cow. They are passionate about the skin cow and only include natural organic and ethically sourced potent ingredients. They are free from parabens artificial per fumes petrochemicals and they never test on animals.

This gift set is perfect for holidays and weekends away in a stylish travel bag with smaller sized products with all the items Alls for a week away.

Cleansing balm:

This is a light soft rich cleansing balm that transformed into a cleansing oil once applied to the warm face. I love that this is a travel sized as this makes it convenient to test out but also take away on holiday, and as I have a holiday coming up in December this came just in time as it gives a basic skincare routine in a beautiful package.

Iv been experimenting with different cleansing balms and this is lovely and smooth on the skin without leaving an oily greasy layer on the surface of your skin. This would be great in a gift set to anyone who enjoys make-up or wears SPF as cleansing balms are amazing at removing these oil based products from the face. I would reccomend and rate 7.5/10.

Nourishing oil treatment:

This treatment oil I was looking forward to the most as I love treatment facial oils as I have dry – combo skin so this would be great to reduce serum on my T-zone and to nourish my drier skin patches like my cheeks. Treatment oils are also great as I have hormonal teenage acne which is awful but treatment oils work a charm on them.

At first I thought the packaging was a little off with the perfume bottle like spritzer, but I use to spritz into my hand and then apply to the face. The glass bottle gives a lovely natural but simplistic appeal which suits anyone in there routine if you prefer ascetics. I really liked this, I didn’t fall in love with it but I do really enjoy this as a facial treatment, as it doesn’t look greasy and sinks into the skin very well. I would reccomend this as I feel like my friends with dryer skin may enjoy this more this winter. But I would rate 8/10.

Radiance moisturiser:

this is a lovely light moisturiser that I felt hydrated my skin and was great for the morning as I felt it helped my skin perk up a bit which is always nice from a radiant skin moisturiser. I love moisturisers as they can be so versatile but they can also be very detrimental to your skincare routine especially having combination skin but I thought this did everything that I wanted and more.

I would definitely recommend this for all ages as this is really good. This would be great as a gift and I would highly recommend. I would rate 9.5/10.

Perfect eyes:

This is a very thick cream and will take a long time to rub into the skin but I do enjoy this if you’re going to give your under a nice little massage which is great in the evening as a nice cool down. This product like every product from this brand has amazing ingredients and would be great as a gift especially this sample size which I think will last me about for five months which is really good as it is hypoallergenic and you don’t have to put your hands in the pot meaning they’ll be no bacteria build up as it is sanitary.

I personally did like this in the evenings I did see a slight difference in my eyes as they felt a little bit more moisturised in the morning but I would recommend this for people who are early 30s and above as this will do more difference for their under eyes especially my lovely gifts like this I would rate 7/10.

Face cloth:

I love face cloths as they are reusable and helps to prevent the waste that face wipes cause. This is a Muslin cloth which feels really high quality it’s not too soft like micro fiber cloths but this is good for balm cleansers and for hot cloth cleansing.

I love to each of the ribbons a hand bowed onto each face cloth which is such a nice Personalised accent which I like. I would definitely recommend if you enjoy a sturdy face cloth but if you’re looking for softness this isn’t the best but I would rate 8 out of 10 .


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