Wheesht special large gift set

Price: (£25)

Wheesht is a skincare company with a difference, in addition to natural, vegan and cruelty-free products they are firm believers in social responsibility.
There aim for Wheesht is to give customers ethical skincare products they can use with a clear conscience. They also encourage digital detox: turn off, shut down, & log out. Face masks are supplied in glass jars for easy re-use or recycling.

Hair oil :

I’m a very lazy person so I don’t tend to use hair oils but when I do I see a difference in texture with my hair. but this hair oil applies nicely to the hair and absorbs quickly into the hair follicles. I personally don’t see much of a difference when I do use this apart from I have stronger and more glossy hair then I did before. The ingredients in this hair oil is sustainably sourced and good for most hair types this is a recently added product.

But I personally wouldn’t use this as I am very basic and simplistic with my hair routine and because of this I will rate this product 5 out of 10.

Pink clay face mask:

This pink powdered face mask I really do like this face mask as it’s very feminine and girly and great for girls night in. Storing is easy and it lasts for months even years. This applies even lead to the face and dries within 10 to 15 minutes, the ingredients in this product is very good Especially for such a good price. I’ve tried a sample of this face mask before and it’s been known that I did really enjoy this and I’m so happy I got to have a full size of this face mask. I would definitely put this as one of my top 10 facemasks and would definitely write this and 9. 5 out of 10.

Reviving body scrub:

I personally am not a fan of this body scrub and the fragrance isn’t my cup of tea as well as it’s very strong scented which personally is overpowering. I am a big fan of light scents and body mists but I’m not the greatest fan of very overpowering scents especially when it comes to my body care. But besides this it was quite a good scent but my family did love this more than myself because it had such a strong sense that it relax them when they were having a bath.

I love this was in a glass container and I could reuse this to put my succulents in or I could potentially put all the products in this pot to which is a great thing for me as I like sustainable packaging that can be reused. Overall I would rate this product for me personally 4 out of 10. But my family would rate this an 8.

Mango cleansing balm:

The cleansing mango balm is very small and compact but also meets travel requirements as well so this is a great choice if you are traveling in 2020. I have mentioned this cleansing balm before, as this is the only one I found that I enjoy as I’m not the biggest fan of cleansing balms but this one is a life changer. I feel like the packaging is very simplistic and eco-friendly which is amazing especially now that we are in 2020 and this is something that we all look for in a skincare products.The mango cleansing balm is a silky but thick cleanser which isn’t hard at all which is nice and smells amazing. I’m so happy to have this as I used up a full size, that’s how much I love it. I love that you have such a great colour and texture to this product although it is slightly different to the full size. I love this product and have reccomended to many people other then the orange tint it leave on your flannel and a slight film on the skin this is perfect especially as I’m not a big fan of cleansing balms. I would rate 10/10.

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