Tzone peel mask sachets

About the brand:

T-zones mission is to deliver the natural alternative to chemical ingredients that can irritate the skin, for a clearer and spot-free complexion! T-Zone products strive for effective and naturally purifying skincare to treat and target skin prone to impurities and blemishes.

Silver glitter mask:

I love the packaging of this mask it looks very simplistic but also appealing and it’s great because it’s only a sachet to use once so you can try out if you like this mask or not. Me personally I’m not the biggest fan of peel off masks.

When using it came out the package more see-through then silver to me, and when I applied to the face it was very sticky and had a tack to it. I personally think if this retails for £2.99 per single use this one personally should be better. I didn’t joy and it did peel off my face but I felt like it didn’t make a difference to my face apart from causing all redness on my cheeks. I don’t think I would recommend this for the fact that it is expensive for a single use especially when I didn’t see a difference so I would rate this product a 3 out of 10 as I enjoy the appearance of the packaging.

Black glitter mask:

The black glitter most to me is iconic as this was the first glitter mask come out and made it more viral, I do like that the peeling mask is more opaque which is nice especially as this also retails for £2.99 I believe this would be a good Christmas gift if you’re doing a bundle all this could even be a stocking filler, as I feel like the black one is a lot better it does pull out some white tents but not a lot but this also is very iconic and gimmicky.

The packaging on this is simplistic which is nice I’m going to have a Collection which you could give as a set, I’m personally not the biggest fan of one use face masks but it would be good if you’re going travelling or if you travel a lot. I would recommend this if you giving it as a gift or if you travel but either than this I wouldn’t recommend so based on this I would rate the mask 5/10.

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