Get your hair summer ready with LAYA cosmetics shampoo

About the brand:

LAYA Natural Nordic Cotton Shampoo has a unique handcrafted formula using only high quality natural ingredients. It softly and gently cleanses your hair making it soft and smooth. The new Scandinavian cotton (Eriophorum spissum) extract containig formula has a moisturizing and nourishing effect protecting your hair from negative effects of free radicals and environmentals factors like sun, dust, wind and frost. LAYA shampoo is suitable for all hair types especially for gentle and sensitive skin/scalps.

About the shampoo:

This bottle of shampoo is cute and sleek with a monochrome look on the packaging which is great in any bathrooms as this shampoo looks amazing, although the shampoo is a clear and has a unique consistency between water and gel like texture with a light white cute box that encases the bottle with a lid that is easy to flip and take the product out. 

I love that this brand is natural and organic but this is also good if you are a United States follower checking out this review as this is offered in the US as a shampoo for roughly $11 which from what i know is a reasonable price for a shampoo as they can get very expensive.

If anyone else is trying to try out natural and organic products in skincare and hair care like myself as i am in transition from non organic and natural skincare into natural organic skincare and hair care.

Right, lets talk about what i thought when trying out this shampoo. I thought that this didn’t lather as much as my other hair care products but i didn’t mind this personally but i do think this doesn’t have a strong scent which i do think is a good thing as it means that it doesn’t have added perfume which is nice not to have in your hair care products, but i do think this shampoo did clean my hair as well as other shampoos that is non natural shampoos which is amazing and i will continue to use this shampoo until it is empty and try to find one in the UK where i am based. I would rate this shampoo a 8.5/10.

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