Rawganics Pomegranate facial wipes

right guys, we’re back at it with Raworganics review of their pomegranate facial wipes after a few the sheet mask and the face mist and micellar water if you missed that go check it out.

About the brand:

Rawganic is a uk based natural, vegan, gluten free, cruelty free, planet friendly, on-the-go skincare brand. Rawganic sells micellar waters, hydration mists, handle wipes and now sheet masks. They are an organic skincare brand made with natural plant based sustainable materials.

This is a natural organic pomegranate and Alevera facial wipes these are biodegradable cotton wipes soaked in natural nutrient field water to help remove daily pollutants and make up helps remove waterproof mascara that is also made for dry and ageing skin. In a packet is 25 wipes and these are brand-new to the range from Raworganics.

I love the simplistic and natural vibes of the packaging it’s very appealing to myself as well as I feel safe to use these on my skin as I trust the brand and everything I’ve tried from them I really loved. The very soft on the skin they’re not exfoliating they don’t harm the skin the very soft and easy to use they are standard size for official white they are 14 x 22 cm which is a decent size.

I would use this when I am lazy at night time and I really need to wash my face but I can’t be bothered so I just wanna take my SPF of for the day and then I’ll just go in with the rest of my skincare routine.

Distant irritate my face at school and left my skin feeling cleansed but not tight which is amazing but I wouldn’t expect anything less from this brand. I would recommend their products as they are high-quality with a low budget price and they’re just good product.

I would rate this product 10/10. As it is they are easy simple to use and it’s great cheers while travelling.

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