Face it heart contorted facial cloth

About the brand:

This ‘Face It’ pack contains one pink facecloth. This exfoliating microfiber heart-shaped washcloth is designed to completely remove your makeup and thoroughly cleanse your face and neck in one simple motion. The adorably convenient patented heart-shaped pockets enable you to control the desired pressure of moving your hands in an upwards circular motion, which lightly massages and gently refreshes your skin. Used daily, morning and night, the facecloth can help prevent signs of premature aging, while helping to promote cellular renewal. they are also cruelty free and environmentally friendly.

What’s my opinion and would I reccomend:

I have use this facial cloth for6 to 7 weeks to see how this is best used and what my thoughts are on this product as it is very unique.

I have grown to love this product more and more As I use it as it’s nice because it covers the whole entire face and this is also great if you’re a constant use of hot cloth cleansers , It does take awhile to get used to the positioning of your hands on this facial cloth while using it Which was the thing that concerns me the most but after you start using it for a couple of weeks this does migrate into your routine and it doesn’t seem strange anymore.

Overall I think this is a good face cloth and I will be continuing to use this as great as you can reuse it I feel like they may need to make a few more colours as pink is very susceptible to stains but if they didn’t make a black or a grey one of this I would definitely purchase not only for myself but so for someone else too.

I would rate this face cloth 8 out of 10 due to the fact that it does stain and the colour does wash a little once you’ve cleaned it the first time.

if you want to check it out some more:


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