Kiss nails gel fantasy

About the brand:

Kiss is the worlds biggest manufacturer and distributor of high quality nail products. This brand started with high quality nails and as there products soared they expanded there products and there reach of where they are sold. Kiss also sells eyelashes, hair colouring, tools and care, while they now have a vast range of cosmetics such as lipsticks, blushes, pallets, lip balms, make up sponges, even brushes and eyeshadows.

Glitter :

I personally think these glitter nails are very sophisticated and girly which would go great with an event such as a meeting greet or even a girls day out as they are lighter and have a more open airy and brighter feeling to them. Again as all of their nails they are super strong they stick on the nails for A long period of time between 2 to 4 weeks and come in a wide variety of colours patterns shapes which I personally think it’s great although they are on the expensive side compare to what you can get online or in a cheaper store but you are paying for quality and these are very good. I would recommend this pattern especially as it works very nicely and I would rate these nails 9 out of 10.

Matt Purple :

These nails look more like a nice girls night out typeof nails as they are Matt which gives a very basic appeal and they are one solid colour which is great especially when you’re going out but they also have the style where they seem very put together and appealing which is great if you’re going for a night out. So easy to put on as anyone who seem my past reviews can tell and they are very easy to put on and I have no complaints about any of the nail sets I have tried from them this specific style I would rate 8/10.

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