Laid bare oily/combo skin spot cream and facial mask

About the brand:

Laidbare skincare is a naturally inspired brand Which was created in March of 2006. There products are non synthetic, non alcoholic and has no damaging ingredients, while also being cruelty free. There products are 97-100% natural while also 10% of profit going to sreepur village in Bangladesh while there are known for being ” fun, affordable, accessible and natural”. Laidbare has NO petrochemicals, sulphates, parabens, synthetic fragrances, synthetic colours, TEA, DEA, glycols animal testing.

Facial mask:

This facial mask is a creamy white mask with specks of brown in it. The packaging is cute and colourful which is a nice added bonus as I like my skincare to be more lively and have more personality then a plain white tube which laidbare always comes through with.

To apply this take a almond amount of this creamy paste on a brush or tool and apply in a thin even layer across the whole face, leave for 10-15 mins while you drink tea and scroll through social media (or amazon like i do). This facial mask doesn’t dry very much if at all but is very moisturising on the skin and easily removed with a flannel.

Leaving you skin soft and supple with a hydrated appearance to your skin, i personally use this mask when i am unsure what my face needs as this balances my combination skin by reducing sebum and oil on my T zone but moisturises for my cheeks and chin which is nice as i don’t like abrasive masks on my chin as i get a lot of break outs on my chin and try to reduce the amount of abrasive products added to that area but this was really gentle which is some thing i didn’t think i would say about a cream/clay mask.

I do love this and i would rate this 8/10.

Spot treatment:

Such a cute tube, its so small it reminds me of a travel size product its amazing and makes it so much easier to use when you need to go away and need some products to reduce acne from stress and over exposure of pollutants, sweat and dust from getting caught in your pores this is actually really good. I love the green colour of the colour and again i love that each section or skin type has a colour coding as pink is anti ageing and green is combination which is a really good idea and is very helpfully if you are looking at some thing at a quick glance.

This is a light cream gel like spot cream which is nice as it is thicker then most spot creams as they are normally gels. When i used this it was mainly on my chin and a little on my forehead as i get hormonal acne and a little on my T zone due to excess sebum production from combination skin. After a few weeks of using this in my skincare routine my spots decreased but didn’t fully go away as i did get a few here and there.

I really enjoyed this and you will probably see this in my end of year empties for 2019 as i will continue to love and enjoy this. I would rate this 7/10.

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