Merumaya travel size cleansing paste and spot treatment

About the brand:

Merumaya is an evidence-based, sensorial skincare helps you feel beautiful, uplifts confidence and boosts youthful radiance. Even sensitive and problem skins can finally enjoy the benefits of these powerfully effective formulae that soothe as they perform. They seek to create positivity, inspiration and happiness in your life and earn your trust. There mission is that you feel confident, included, beautiful and relevant, at every age.

concentrated spot treatment:

I like this spot treatment and it’s super travel friendly. I love the packaging as it simplistic and easy to use I love spot creams in a pump as it’s more hygienic and easier to apply. This is a lovely thick gel which applies to the face and on each spot easily it does not sting or hurt once applied onto the spot. I love how this is super travel sized so it’s easy to take on holiday with you. After using this a few weeks I felt like it made a difference on red spots before they come up into full spots but once they are full spots this doesn’t make a difference in reducing them as much as others.

It hasn’t got the best ingredients but it also hasn’t got the worst ingredients for a spot product which generally tend to have alcohol and other drying ingredients which is to help the spot be reduced.

I definitely would have repurchase this In future if I suffered with worse acne than what I do at the moment but I think at the moment this is working fine for my skin and I would recommend for teenage acne prone skin. I would recommend this product and I would rate this product 8/10.

mineral cleansing paste:

I love this mineral paste it has done wonders for my skin. I feel like the packaging is spot-on it’s just the right size for going travelling with and I believe that the product inside is absolutely beautiful it is a pearl white paste with my micro granules To help exfoliate the face which is great for A face polish but I feel like you would have to use this less regularly then a normal exfoliator especially if you have sensitive skin like myself. This did leave my face feeling a little bit red and a little bit tight when I was using it but I felt like it did enough my skin making it feel firmer and smoother while also making it slightly more whitened/brightened.

I would repurchases in future as i like my skin after using it, I did see results within one or two weeks which is always great to see with skincare as I am more impatient. The one thing I didn’t like about this was that when I received this in the mail it was half empty when I got it. I would recommend us and I would rate this product 10/10.

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